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Document management that is both simple and efficient simplifies project work.


Workflow streamlines your review process. You save time and get quality assurance into the bargain.


RFI picks out questions from overstuffed email boxes. With a structure and overview that means you get better information.

Publicera paket

Publishing packages provide more efficient procurement and more secure communication.


The ApriconApp makes it easy to take your drawings with you when you leave the office.

Apricon in the construction process

Apricon is a web-based project tool that simplifies cooperation in construction projects. It has been developed in close cooperation with project developers, designers, contractors and managers. Apricon can be used to share documents and communicate with everyone involved in a construction project at all stages of the construction process. All the way from initial feasibility studies and programming to the design, procurement and production and onto property management.

You choose which modules and features you need and want to use in your project. The base of the platform is simple and powerful document management with contacts. This can be combined with Case management, Workflow and Publish packages for additional project support. Project requirements and circumstances will then determine the document structure, working methods, optional modules, customisation and training of the project team. Apricon is customisable, powerful and incredibly useful.

In the portal, you can access events in your projects, news from the industry and the ability to create your own list of contacts.

And we are always there to help. Your contact person at Apricon will be at your service at every stage of your project to provide support and any other advice you might need.



Even at an early stage, it is important that everyone can access the same information, simply and easily. With Apricon, you can be sure of secure and efficient communication with and to your entire team.

Recommended modules:

  • Document management
  • Case management to document the decision of client requirements.


Communicate quickly and securely during the design and production processes. Ensure all relevant documentation is available for transfer to property management.

Recommended modules:

  • Document management
  • Workflow – overview and status check of documents.
  • Publish packages – specifications and construction package for more flexible procurement and production.
  • Case management – documentation of Q&As and deviations.

Property management

Create a living archive of Apricon so updated documents are always available for operations and maintenance and future renovation work.

Recommended modules:

  • Document management
  • Case management for documentation of errors and modifications.

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