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Workflow streamlines your review process. You save time and get quality assurance into the bargain.

With Workflow you get:


  • Summarised status of all documents

  • Control of read/write access through the process

  • Documentation of who did what and when

  • Quality assured process that minimises the risk of errors

  • Less administration and more efficient communication

  • More time to review and make progress

Apricon Workflow

We all know that errors at the design stage can be very costly to rectify at the construction phase. With the optional Workflow in Apricon, you minimise the risk of errors creeping into drawings at the construction site. At the same time, it provides excellent support at the review and approval stages. Anyone who is required to action document will find them grouped together under a “to do” list where they are sorted in workflow stage order.

The entire process is quality assured and the history of each document including all actions taken is documented. In comprehensive view, all project members can see how the review is progressing.

The documents are led through predefined stages where status and read access is controlled automatically. The documents do not become visible to all until they have been approved. Workflow is very flexible and the flow is adapted with statuses and access rights according to your review process. The visual overview of the flow of documents is helpful for both consultants and project management.

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