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Visual Q&A

Now Apricon launches the Visual Q&A on a broad front. The cooperation with Skanska has resulted in a effective solution for management of issues and decisions when working with Visual design. The Visual Q&A has been tested in a number of projects for Skanska and features have been developed in close dialogue with their users. The service is now offered to all customers and several projects are already up and running.

The objective for the cooperation with Skanska has always been to create conditions for fun and effective meetings where the focus is on issues and decisions. With the Visual Q&A in Apricon meeting participants add their questions prior to the meeting. At the meeting itself, there is a clear flow for working with old issues, new issues, key issues and decisions. After the meeting taken decisions are documented in the decision log.

The latest version has new features to attach or link documents as well as a nice filter function which makes it easy to search in the question log and the decision log. This makes the digital benefits even better with clear communication and increased availability as a result.



Block Trollhättan. Illustration Yellon


Block Trollhättan 7 in Malmö is one of the projects using the Visual Q&A today. The Office building, which is about 12 000 m2 lettable floor area will be built at Universitetsholmen, close to the main train station and with a very nice view of the harbor. The buildings are built in brick with inspiration from old port warehouses.


Anna Björklund

“I have been working with Post-it notes for a while now and like working that way. But the fact is that the Visual Q&A is just as interactive and provides several advantages. You are able to write complete answers and attach files to the question which improves communication. At the same time, you get good documentation that is always available and that can be presented in different ways. ” Anna Björklund, Project Manager, Skanska Öresund AB



Brf Beach Promontory. Illustration T


Skanska is developing a new and exciting area in Tullholmsviken near Karlstad city centre and at the same time with a scenic location on the shore of Lake Vänern. Apartments in Brf Strandudden are planned to take advantage of the contact with water. Interest in the project has been very high from the start and all the apartments were sold quickly.


Fredrik Rydberg

“It’s very easy to get started with Visual Q&A, everybody understands right away how it works. No questions are lost and with the ability to attach files where you specify what is being requested makes the communication very clear compared to indicate doodles or explanations on tiny Post-it notes. It also saves a lot of time when the participants prepare their questions in advance. The analog version requires a lot of administration both before and after a meeting. ” Fredrik Rydberg, project manager for construction production, Skanska

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