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Region Skåne makes extensive investments in the development and modernisation of health care in the region. Investments are made in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Ängelholm. The initiative is the largest Region Skåne has made since the 1970s and goes under the name Hospital of the future.



New Hospital Malmö. Two new health care buildings (green), new service centre (orange), placement for replacement facilities (yellow). Lines show the culvert system.


Over the next eight years Region Skåne invests six billion in the hospital area in Malmö. The goal is a modern hospital that is well prepared for future health care. Malmö Medical Center will get two new buildings, a new health care building, a new service centre and an extended culvert system under the ground. With the modernisation of the hospital area conditions are created for a high-quality and safe health care in the future. Development takes place in close work with the City of Malmö.

Skanska has signed cooperation agreement with Region Skåne in respect of the construction of the new health care building at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. The project places great demands on coordination as it consists of several different parts and to ensure that the day-to-day operations in the area will be affected as little as possible.


Staffan Andersson

Hospital building in the middle of ongoing operations is a challenge. The needs of the hospital staff, patients and visitors is extremely important to us. We want to build a hospital of the future without disturbing the daily activity in the area.
– Staffan Andersson, Project Manager for the New University Hospital Malmö, Skanska





Illustration of how the hospital area in Malmö may look like. The final design will be made by White Architects.


Apricon is used in the New University Hospital in Malmö. The project uses the feature in Apricon called  Linked projects to get increased availability and can seamlessly communicate new information across multiple projects.


Patrik Lambeth

Apricons easy user interface, the ability to control the design process effectively as well as ease of access for the production to obtain the correct documents makes Apricon the obvious choise.
– Patrik Lambeth, Project Engineer, Skanska


The Visual Q&A streamlines the design through focused meetings and minimal administration.


Jesper Bengtsson

Jesper Bengtsson

With the Visual Q&A we get an effective design process with better coordinated actions and documents.
– Jesper Bengtsson, Project Leader, Skanska


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